Russian and Soviet Art

Because of the nation’s vast size, foreboding climate and its long centuries of isolation – first because of its remoteness and backwardness and later because of the Soviet Union’s status as a totalitarian state, most westerners are unfamiliar with the great Russian painters of the 19th century, the Soviet period and even the Russian artists of today.  Jeffrey Morseburg, the author of this site, is a curator, writer, researcher, archivist, appraiser and art dealer who  has long had an interest in Russian and Soviet Art. His family represented a number of Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian painters during the cold war era including Eugene Garin.  For a number of years he co-curated an exhibition of historic and contemporary Russian Art at Mission San Juan Capistrano with the contemporary Russian painter and cultural entrepreneur Alexey Steele, part of the annual Russian Heritage Festival, which was held on the grounds of the historic mission.  He also co-curated a modest museum exhibition devoted to the work of Sergei Bongart at the museum at the Mission San Juan Capistrano Museum.  We are always pleased to view Russian and Soviet paintings.  If you have a work that you would like reviewed, please feel free to send digital images.

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